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Understanding Digital Game Changer

understanding that the digital world we now live in is a complete game changer which has revolutionized both the economy and how we do things, the shift through leading-edge intelligence; collectively solving new issues via improved governance and policy-making in a digitized society; and partnering to rapidly scale successes by cultivating an online environment of trust and increasing access and adoption...Get insights...OlayinkaOyelamiConsultingGroup – •One Group •Multiple Services

Digitization and Internet Connectivity


Nigerian youths should go back to work and maintain their dominance in the largest opera house on the planet – the blogosphere.... OlayinkaOyelamiPublishing Blog: PYTHON OPERA DANCE DRAMA: ON THE PYTHON OF THE OPERA (LETTER TO OUR DEAR IGBO YOUTH) It was our own inimitable Chinua Achebe who said that: “When old people speak ...

Digital Technology - The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here

Digital disruption is at the heart of all the conversations I have with CEOs today. And this is not surprising, as it presents the most significant threats and opportunities any of us have faced in business.
When assessing the implications, consider the fact that that new digital business models are the principal reason why just over half of the names of companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000. And yet, we are only at the beginning of what the World Economic Forum calls the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” characterized not only by mass adoption of digital technologies but by innovations in everything from energy to biosciences.
While the digital transformation of industries will be profound, we must keep in mind that it will have wider economic and social impact, too, as with previous revolutions driven by steam and coal, electricity and computers.
Waves of innovation We are seeing the Fourth Industrial Revolution emerge in a series of waves: the digital consu…

ICT Within The Context of Legal Studies and Practice

ICT Within The Context of Legal Studies and Practice: Future of  legal  education in Nigeria is patterned after the system in England except that whereas lawyers in England are solicitors or bar...